Our Services

Guaranteed business solutions that achieve organizational success.

How do we get it all done?

Our vast experience, as well as our partnerships, are the cornerstone of all our effective processes and the results we achieve. We bring to the table the best-in-class expert that handles a variety of business and operational aspects and activities such as commercial brokerage, business development, investment advisory, menu engineering, hospitality management, and strategic  branding/marketing solutions. Furthermore, the wide network of connections we’ve nurtured as well as our huge database of market insights has constituted the backbone of our data-driven business solutions.

Our Services

Commercial Brokerage

Providing unique and strategic commercial locations that suit your concept and the needs of your new business idea

Menu Engineering

Systematically studying and creating a restaurant’s food menu items, recipes and prices to maximize relevance and profitability

Management Consulting

Working with businesses to improve their performance by providing expert advice to solve problems and encourage growth

Business Development

Supporting existing businesses to sustain and grow by assessing their operations from a multi-dimensional and professional perspective

F&B Investment Advisory

Assisting new entrepreneurs and investors in creating new homegrown F&B brands and concept ideas (Physical & Virtual)

Branding & Marketing

Creating brand identities, branding strategies, and visual concepts. In addition to performing market research, effective positioning and digital/social media

A Huge database of premium locations that suit your needs

Whatever the concept and the brand size are, our database of commercial locations is endless. We’ve secured more than 200 relevant locations for multiple businesses including yet not limited to restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, pharmacies, cafes’, supermarkets, and much more

Proven development solutions to unlock your business potential

Our business development professionals played a crucial role in the success of many organizations. From generating new sales leads, negotiating client pricing, and forecasting sales revenue, all to help organizations maximize their profits

Strategic branding & positioning 30+ businesses

Created successful brands and branding identities for more than 10 businesses in different sectors including F&B, Real Estate, Consulting, and others in critical markets such as Dubai, KSA, and Beirut. In addition, we’ve assisted the growth of various businesses by effective marketing, and positioning plans

20+ years of experience in menu design & engineering

Our Partners are top-notch chefs, F&B consultants, and hospitality advisors that gained their experience with international restaurants and academies located in the most challenging & innovative markets such as France, the UK, KSA, Dubai, and Lebanon